Looking to maximise short-term returns from your real estate nest egg?

How to tap into short-term returns. Without short-term headaches!

If you’re looking to maximise the revenue-generating power of a buy-to-let investment, but are daunted by the hassles, headaches and uncertainties of managing it yourself, we have one word for you: Perch.

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Perch is a company set up with the precise aim of making it simple to make more money from your investment, with less time and effort. In fact, with Perch, the only time and effort required after signing up with us is to open our monthly reports to see how much you’ve made.

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* pco = per change over

1 Perch will be able to source more direct bookings that decreases platform fees.

2 Perch also charges a lower than market-related cleaning fee to entice guests to book with Perch rather than its competitors. A market-related cleaning fee per changeover would be R500. Perch endeavours to charge only R199 due to the efficiencies obtained by managing a larger number of properties in the same buildings.

When you let Perch manage your property, you don’t only save time. Our ultra-affordable management fees can fundamentally change the profitability of your short-stay asset, saving you significant costs month in and month out.

We are also completely transparent with our fee structure and provide an all-inclusive pricing model, allowing you to plan precisely and grow your monthly income within a clearly defined and dependable budget.

Download the Perch brochure here