Why Host With Us

There are a host of reasons to let a dedicated team of professionals take care of attracting guests to your apartment, and making sure they have a fantastic experience there. Our team has the knowledge, expertise and attention to detail to earn your property great reviews online and most importantly, maximise your revenue.

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Attract more guests

Getting to the top of search results on multiple booking platforms takes constant effort and an insight into the algorithms of Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia. In the battle to attract guests, you need great photography, good copywriting, and of course, glowing reviews. We’re experts in all of the above. In addition, we have developed our own website as a new online booking platform, which will attract traffic with our ongoing social media activity, search marketing and promotional campaigns. These direct bookings will be more rewarding to owners, as there will be no third party booking commissions to pay for.

Maximise your returns

Making decent money from short-term letting is a numbers game. And those numbers are our playground. Based on years of experience and thousands of data points, we can give you a clear and confident estimate as to what your monthly earnings should be, in every season of the year. To achieve that figure, we monitor travel trends, global events, seasonal fluctuations, and keep a constant eye on what the market is doing to secure the optimum number of booked nights at the optimum rate per night. Without a tried and tested system, it’s very hard to get that right.

Give them a great welcome

After a long flight to a new city, the very last thing any traveller needs is a glitchy check-in process or a long wait for someone to hand over the key. Our latest establishments feature keyless, smart-phone activated, digital access and our earlier ones secure onsite key safes. Whichever is the case, our 24-hour concierge service will ensure that whatever time of the day or night your guests arrive to check in, the process will be quick, smooth and friendly.


  • Property assessment
  • Property fit-out to Airbnb standards
  • Professional photography of your property
  • Listing and marketing your property on all major booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia, and on Perch’s own website
  • Handling all booking enquiries and communication
  • Concierge services
  • Cleaning and maintenance to hotel quality standards
  • Laundry of bed linen, towels and dish cloths
  • Inventory checks to monitor breakages or theft
  • Restocking of all consumables
  • Top-up of prepaid electricity meters
  • Booking rate analysis
  • Monthly financial reporting


This includes a property inspection, inventory review and listing the property on various booking platforms including the Perch website.

MANAGEMENT FEE 13,5 % excluding VAT
This includes:

  • Handling all booking enquiries and communication
  • Rate analysis & daily adjustments
  • Professional cleaning between stays
  • Laundry of bed linen, towels and dish cloths
  • Basic maintenance fixes*
  • Restocking of consumables (purchase costs for owner’s account)
  • Monthly owner statements


Home decor and furniture package**

Netflix is an optional extra, which we may request you to subscribe to if more than one guest requests it. We have a Netflix Business Account, which we will charge R99 per month to use. Alternatively, you may use your own account.

* Our service includes basic maintenance fixes. All large maintenance issues are brought to your attention and quotes above R2 000 are sent to you for your approval
** As quoted and agreed

Why Pay More?

When you let Perch manage your property, you don’t only save time. Our ultra-affordable management fees can fundamentally change the profitability of your short-stay asset, saving you significant costs month in and month out.

We are also completely transparent with our fee structure and provide an all-inclusive pricing model, allowing you to plan precisely and grow your monthly income within a clearly defined and dependable budget.

How can we undercut the competition to this extent? Firstly, we take a long-term view on mutually rewarding relationships. In other words, we’re not in short-stay management for a short stay. Your success is our success.

Secondly, we pass on to our clients the benefits of our efficiencies of scale and access to infrastructure in the buildings we manage, such as the in-house laundromat. So we don’t need to drive your dirty linen all over town.

And thirdly, our leading-edge technology, such as keyless digital locks, helps reduce operating costs all round, savings we pass on to you.


That adds up to a package of affordable excellence that is disrupting the short-stay market in a big way

BOOKING PLATFORM FEES 15% R42 000,00 11% R31 500,00 R10 500,00
MANAGEMENT FEES 20% R74 060,00 13,5% R48 360,38 R25 699,63
AMENITIES (AVG 3-DAYS STAY AT 70% OCC) R60 PCO* R5 110,00 R87 PCO* R4 258,33 R 851,67
LAUNDRY (AVG 3-DAYS STAY AT 70% OCC) R150 PCO* R12 775,00 R138 PCO* R8 431,50 R4 343,50
TOTAL COSTS   R133 945,00   R92 550,21  
PERCH SAVING (ANNUALLY)               R41 394,79

*Please note prices are subject to change depending on the scheme.
T&C’S Apply 

PCO* = Per Change Over

1. Perch will be able to source more direct bookings that decreases platform fees.

2. Perch also charges a lower than market-related cleaning fee to entice guests to book with Perch rather than its competitors. A market-related cleaning fee per changeover would be R500. Perch endeavours to charge only R265 for a Studio and R288 for a One-Bedroom due to the efficiencies obtained by managing a larger number of properties in the same buildings.

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